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October 23, 2012
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Star Republic: UNTOUCHABLE by DeeJay-Alien Star Republic: UNTOUCHABLE by DeeJay-Alien
The next finished drawing for my "STAR REPUBLIC" series.
Here are more: The first one: , 3rd:
And here's detail of this one:

And here's TUMBLR

about those series, there also are processes of this one and some new sketches of next pics.

And here's the process of Untouchable: [link] (Tumblr)

* * *

First I'd like to describe the idea of this... I don't even know how to do it. It could be rather difficult even on my native language... Though I'll try. I'll describe with simple words.)

This is about people who are mild inside. But maybe they're shy, or they're fearful... Or they have some complex or psychologic problems... Or had some occasions in their life when someone injured them with no reason. So, it's about their weapon. It's about their self-isolation and even aggression.

Sometimes "untouchables" can feel happy in their shells. They're living inside themselves, sleeping and see beautiful dreams. Though sometimes their life can be unbearable. They make others suffer. And they suffer from their own shells...

* * *

The "soundtrack" for this drawing is Mind.In.A.Box - "Fear". I love this band since 2009.
Oh, here's this composition: [link]


You float in a million lights,
but the one you seek is not there.
you fight in a million fights,
but it's yourself you cannot bear.

you think you are a leader,
but you turn everyone away.
you think you are a preacher,
but you can't turn night into day.

there is something inside of me,
and I know that it's growing.
the thing that will forever be,
and I feel its shadow calling.

it is the fear that drives you mad.
it is the fear that makes you blind.
it is the fear that keeps you sad.
it is the fear that kills your mind.

you think you can make things grow,
but in truth you are like a desert.
you think it's not your ego,
and that others make you hurt.

you have learned how to deceive,
and yourself is all you can hear.
you think you really believe,
but deep down you are only fear.

there is something inside of me,
that makes me run against the wall.
the thing my eyes don't want to see,
that will obliterate my soul.

it is the fear that eats you up.
it is the fear that makes you cry.
it is the fear that takes you down.
it is the fear that will not die.

everone's afraid, but that's no excuse.

* * *


Painting brushes (c) *Stalcry
Stars (c) Wikipedia
Weapon and font (c) [link]
Viens brushes (с) ~PaldimoMedia
About tools. Used for ref - photos of tools from Google (haven't find proper stock on DA) and `FantasyStock's
Haha, I'm so lazy ass, so took them from my --->
Building's also from my "Star Republic I" picture (thumb at the top).
Lyrics (c) Mind.In.A.Box
Everything other (art, idea, texture, splatters) (c) =DeeJay-Alien, visit my da stock ---> [link] for more info.

* * *


:heart: Art Deco, Socialistic Realism and Art Nouveau as always.

:heart: EBM, Industrial & Trance music which I've listened since 2009 and remembered now. Especially Mind.In.A.Box. + Absurd Minds, Seabound, Liquid Divine, Neuroticfish and The Retrosic.

:heart: Ovoscope photos of eggs...)))

:heart: My own feelings and observations.

Created with Photoshop CS3 + Wacom tablet + ArchiCAD 4 building
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CantStoptheRobot Oct 31, 2012  Professional Filmographer
I knew the song once I started reading the lyrics inside the hand. Good choice of song for the image.
DeeJay-Alien Nov 2, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks a lot! :heart:
Its so bright and message-full, it's sort of hypnotizing...~
Superb work!
DeeJay-Alien Oct 25, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you! :heart:
dispershin Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
круть. я хочу вас в приват для делового разговора
DeeJay-Alien Oct 24, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
О майн Готт, даже не знаю, что ответить... 0_о
...Деловой разговор?! 0_0 Воттакпрямсразу встретил рэндомного человека в Инете - и сразу деловой разговор?! 0_о

...Я, канеш, не против любых разговоров - хоть деловых, хоть дружеских...

Для начала спасибо за "круть" насчет моего арта и давай на ты.)))
dispershin Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
ты/вы мне как удобно. я издатель/печатник/комерция. мне интересно,я ищу. я отпишу скайп в приват
DeeJay-Alien Oct 24, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
И опять же О Майн Готт и дикое удивление. И вопрос: "А не шутишь ли ты?!" )))
Во-первых, я никогда не подозревала о том, что моими артами может заинтересоваться печатник.
И никогда не думала, что мои арты совместимы с печатью вообще.
Вот честно, ты меня удивляешь...)))

Но, опять же, спасибо за внимание и... Если ты не шутишь, я считаю это твое внимание и разговор о печати комплиментом. :)
Хотя, даже если и шутишь, - мне приятно внимание.)))

ACIDAURORE <--- мой скайп, если что.
[link] <--- вот контакт <--- а вот мыло

Но меня лучше на Девианте или в Твиттере ловить. Или на мыло писать. В скайпе и Контакте нерегулярно бываю.)

Еще аська есть... Но номер не помню, гг.
Если тебе нужна именно аська, - пиши, вспомню, свяжемся там.)
dispershin Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
кинул запрос в скайп.
DeeJay-Alien Oct 25, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
добавила тебя.)
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