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April 12, 2012
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"Merciless concrete won't hear your groan" --> "Беспощадный Бетон не услышит твой стон" (Russian)
Или гламурный колхоз, господа! :heart: :iconcreepylaaplz:

My Characters Ecstasy and Ella, better known as Hans and Helga, but it's their Soviet-Russian variants - Mitya and Lyolya. (:

There are a lot of things that inspired me to do this, a lot of stock and refs and a lot of ideas behind this drawing. (:
Decided to divide them on categories.


:bulletred: First of all my dear ~AquaMarine--A-M-Ink posted one shitty but veery interesting lines from a rhyme (they're not her, you can view them below)! So, I've imaged this picture and decided to start drawing RIGHT NOW AND RIGHT THERE.

:bulletred: My beloved SOCIALISTIC REALISM, Stalin's Empire style and Art Deco in general.

:bulletred: Never drew something more or less serious in Art Nouveau style. So, here's the first try. Alphonce Mucha (haha, sure))) - great influence. I'm fascinated by the way he drew women...:heart:

:bulletred: One of ~AquaMarine--A-M-Ink's artworks, but, what a pitty - it's not on DA.

:bulletred: This well-known art by *Phobs [link]

:bulletred: Tom of Finland. Maybe not really influence, but I love the way he draws men. The only thigs I don't like are their noses... And "prostitute" poses like ~Coelasquid said in her amazing tutors: [link] . And I'm sooo sad seeing all of those cute men gay. ):

:bulletred: Plus. J-Pop - J-Rock band FLUMPOOL. That's weird. I don't know why, but I'm fascinated by their music... It's sooo romantic, dreamy and beautiful! :heart: I'm sooo nostalgic about anime openings and endings which I've listened 10 years ago... So I've listened to Flumpool during all the time drawing this. (:


:bulletgreen: Sure, it's Love. I'd like to say so boring theme, but I'm afraid to say that I rarely meet beautiful straight couples in contemporary art... ): Besides, I love the idea of pretty curvy woman with tall muscled man. :heart:

:bulletgreen: A battle of capitalistic Art Nouveau and people's Socialistic Realism! Revolution!!! (:

:bulletgreen: Agriculture vs. Glamour! (: Или гламурный колхоз.)))

:bulletgreen: Though it can be everything: Peace and War, Love and Hate, Democratic and Totalitarian, Feminine and Manly, Strong and Weak, Life and Death, Light and Dark, Black and White, etc... ) It depends on your view.)))

:bulletgreen: There must be CONCRETE HANDS... Though it's not seen very well... ):


Watercolor brushes (c) =Stalcry
Texture (c) `Princess-of-Shadows
Gears (c) *redheadstock
Flower swirls (c) =lpdragonfly
Splatters (c) =DeeJay-Alien
Weapon and fonts (c) [link]
Plane shapes (c) ~jackroberts
Some roses (c) ~Kime-ra
Scrapbook paper for cloth texturing (c) ~kafekafe
Concrete textures (c) ~quansie
Action (c) `manicho
Moscow State University logo (c) [link]
Used for ref - photos of tools from Google (haven't find proper stock on DA) and `FantasyStock's
Also used for ref my self-photo for scared crying female face profile.)))

* * *

P.s.: Drawing Commie stuff doesn't mean supporting Communism. I'm interested in USSR art and history, but not supporting their ideas. Anyway, don't like - don't watch/don't comment.

And yes, I know their butts are soo weird but I've made them so just for fun.)))

Without textures:
Started: 07.04.12, finished: 12.04.12
Photoshop CS 3 + Wacom Bamboo
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You know I love your work, but there's a sense of the brutal here that I found overwhelming and gratuitous-- although you might like that your work evokes strong emotions. The "textured" background you added later gives it a dirty, brutal feeling.

I certainly like the contrast between the two subjects, her soft and sensual, he hard and industrial. Her lower back seems too small and thin for the rest of her.

I love the backgorund building and its border, although they are more Art Deco than Art Nouveau.

This is a piece where I like a lot of the details as they are but not the whole. It's good and effective work, just not appealing to me. I think I liked it better before your added the textures and colors.
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Nice choice of colors/textures/patterns and the ideas behind it are interesting!
DeeJay-Alien Feb 10, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you very much! :heart:
A very thoughtful piece, brilliant really.
DeeJay-Alien Jan 9, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you very much! :heart:
the wonderful texturing really enhances this fascinating piece! good job!
DeeJay-Alien Dec 14, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you very much! :heart:
it's my pleasure! :rose:
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